Sri Sai Translations

                         A Universal language Solution


 Some Projects done so far :: 

1. Translation of a Book in Telugu on Hardware & Software in the year of 2008 of 3 Lakh words

2. Induction Programme Presentation translations for Reliance Retail doing from 2011 till date.

3. E-Learning translation for Tata Interactive Systems in 2012 each for the following languages:

 - Hindi
 - Marathi
 - Gujarathi
 - Oriya

4. IRCTC,government translation for their railway information boards and heavy word posters.

5. User Manual for Airtel Mobiles.

6. Mobiles User Interference for Idea & Konnect company.

7. Translation of the new company’s products and information about them in various languages(Hindi,Telugu,Kannada,Tamil,Malayalam) by Ministry of Andhra Pradesh.

8. Articles on various castes SC/ST for Government of Andhra Pradesh.


9. Product specification and translations about the legal information for Coca-Cola.

10. 10 Books for Exhibitions in Tokiyo from UBL.

11. Technical Translation of 4 Books from Kone in Marathi & Telugu .

12. Medical Translations of the products for HetroDrugs Limited,Hyderabad.

13. 3 Lakh word+ from Dutch to English,German,Swedish,French for MCS solutions ,Hyderabad.

14. 7 Lakh + legal translation for English to Punjabi , Gujarati , Hindi.

15. Doing Press releases for top most companies and many more..