Sri Sai Translations

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Translation Service in 100+ Languages

At Sri Sai Translations, we believe that effective translation services boost strong relationships, which can promote your business.


At Sri Sai Translations, we don't just handle one type of content. We have branched out to include various services like  content, language translations, proofreading, DTP, editing,and other commercial and media translations.


The translations documents created by us are simple, accurate and reader friendly, which assures that the translated content you are receiveing is beyond the money you spend.


Voice Over in 50+ Languages

Voice-over involves developing the script of the audio which is used by the voice artists to record and deliver the audio.


 If you require the voice-over in different languages then Sri Sai Translations gets the script translated into the different languages and employs professional native voice-over artists in that language to produce the audio recordings in an in-house professional studio. 


Our team of integrated professionals undertake turnkey projects and may also include transcription of the audio to extract the script. This script is then translated by a native professional translator into your desired language and a professional voice-over artist records the audio to meet your requirements.

Intrepretation Service

Sri Sai Translations provides high-level interpretation services for legal, corporate, medical, and government settings in 100+ languages. Whether you need a certiĀ­fied interpreter for a deposition or over-the-phone interpretation for a last-minute conference call, SST provides qualified interpreters to help you communicate with ease.


Our extensive network of professional interpreters can deliver consecutive and simultaneous interpretation in a broad range of subjects and technical fields. We also offer on-demand video and phone intrepretation services. 


Our interpreters are carefully selected for each specific client engagement based on your language and subject matter requirements and arrive fully prepped to provide the highest level of service.


Desktop Publishing Service (DTP)

 If you need to translate a PDF, a booklet, a manual or any other type of document with images or a set layout, then you will need to use our DTP Services. Sri Sai's professional desktop publishing services adapt your content and images to a set document-standard preserving your message across all markets.

Our DTP team is made up of highly qualified and skilled DTP specialists and graphic designers. They work off the latest software and applications necessary to prepare any project of any size, in every language, in any format and on any platform, in the time you need it by.