Sri Sai Translations

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Why Sri Sai Translations ??



# High Quality at "reasonable rates"

# Employees are selected based on the expereinced domain according to the project.

# Formal proofreading after the translation.

#Usage of latest linguistic tools.

# Services provided in 100+ languages*

# On time delivery.

# Quick reply to the calls & mails.

# 24 x 7 Customer Service.

Sri Sai Translations (SST) was founded in 2008 by Shyam Bhure President

and accredited simultaneous Translator & Sushmita Bhure Interpreter
in Linguistics. Their mission was to become leaders in the language services industry by
delivering top-quality language solutions to a broad base of clients, including all
segments of India and major global players.

At SST, the key to our success has been the calibre of our team and our dedication to
our clients. Our network consists of a full-time staff of over 150 in-house linguists and
project management executives, as well as a network of over 2,00 certified language
specialists. Our staff is committed to delivering a translation/interpretation that truly
reflects the concepts, thought and register of the source material, and they are on call
around the clock to meet the most critical project demands with utmost consistency